Welcome to the annual meeting of OKKY!

OKKY ry, Olarin koti- ja kouluyhdistys ry (Olari home and school association), is association of parents and teachers/school personnel of Olarin koulu (joint comprehensive school) and lukio (upper secondary school).

Our purpose is to support collaboration of home and school. Our board consists of parents and teachers and we warmly welcome new members to join us! This is possible at our annual meeting.

The annual meeting of OKKY will be held at Olarinniityntie 4 (Olarin koulu ja lukio)

20th of September 2017 at 6 pm

We will gather at käsityöluokka (handicraft class, turn from main lobby to left corridor)

On this meeting we will hear greetings from principals, and from parents who have been active in OKKY. We will also take a look at OKKY’s annual report, financial statements, plan of action and budget. And most important: elect boardmembers who will be inventing and implementing new cool, nice things to support school community!

The meeting can be partly held in English if needed.

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